A Final Word

Time—The Silent Witness, The People of Armen, is a book that redefines our perception of logical reasoning and historical curiosity.

It is a book that will titillate your senses, unveil the cultural wealth of many nations, and accurately delineate the family tree heritages of many empires of the day because Time is the Silent—and only—Witness that soundlessly, effortlessly and relentlessly testifies to the life and times of dynasties, kingdoms, sovereignties, dominions, regimes and royal realms.

It will change the way you see History, forever.

Undoubtedly, the enduring natural affinity between World History and Archaeology is timeless, and their symbiotic relationship always attested to their interdependence, from the time of Prehistory—the First Civilisation—under the watchful gaze of Time—The Silent Witness, The People of Armen.