Dear Reader

Time—The Silent Witness, The People of Armen, is a World History book that you will want to read, and with good reason too.

It not only arouses the curiosity, fascinates the psyche, thrills the senses, broadens one’s horizon of perception and satisfies the quest for knowledge; it also seeks to inform, inspire, educate, enlighten, and empower, because it has been said that knowledge is power, and rightly so.

So I would like to invite you to please join me as we take a momentous walk through the pages of History. Learn about the Great Pyramid Master Builders and ancient Egypt’s legendary Aryan Pharaohs known as the Hyksos, and their extensive seal of secrecy.

In just a few pages, you will discover the impressive layout of the world’s pioneers of trade who blazed a trail of groundbreaking innovations, inventions, fashions and progress that reverberated throughout the ancient world and set the scene of things to come that still resonate down to our day.

Their ancient trade routes unfolded to reveal a sophisticated philosophy of culture, wisdom and traditions that characterised its traders, who inspired the meaning of life since the days of Prehistory.

As the path of history never loses momentum, do not be the last to know about the life and times of our Ancient World: how it ravished and regaled those whom it had favoured, while it ravaged and raped those non-conformists who refused to play by its rules.

Immerse yourself in the Cradle of Civilisation and feel its electromagnetic pulse as it dominated the prehistoric landscape (Urartu fortresses of Sevan Basin, Odzaberd or Lord’s Fortress in the Gegharkunik Province of Armenia).
Discover the many meticulously assembled jigsaw puzzle pieces that comprise 44 mesmerising chapters, fully interlocked, recorded and freeze-framed as it actually unfolded in Ancient Civilisations.

Time—The Silent Witness, The People of Armen, will lift the curtain on Prehistory and History as never before. It will take you to dizzy heights from where you can indulge in a luxuriously sensuous experience for a few stolen moments.

See the Ancient World within the time capsule of your mind’s eye.

Hear its ironically addictive cacophony of sounds, especially from the frenzied traders who plied their caravans over timeworn routes filled to capacity with valuable merchandise.

Smell the heady atmosphere where every day is a sensual treat as loves are won and lost, and fortunes are forged and ruined.

Taste the moment and savour it forever.

Then, finally, just reach out and caressingly touch the sands in the historical hourglass and flip it over before Time runs out … just so that you can relive the exquisitely intoxicating moment all over again … just one more time.