Chapters      Chapters Title

  1. The Early Light
  2. The Gift of the Red Sea
  3. The Land Beyond Experience
  4. The Land Before Time
  5. The Hidden Secrets of Shepherd Kings
  6. The Glowing Beacon
  7. The Treasures of the Ancient Caravan
  8. The Revealed Legacy
  9. The Timeless Sun Chariot
  10. The Revealing Symbols
  11. The Fine Yarns of History
  12. The Wind Beneath Jerusalem
  13. The Sunlight Through a Thin Veil
  14. The Astronomical Set Up
  15. The Echoes of Time
  16. The Waves of Time
  17. A R M E N I A
  18. The Shining Mirrors of Armenia
  19. The Spectrum of Yesteryear
  20. The Odds Beyond Compare
  21. The Golden Strings of Royalty
  22. The Charm of Eternity
  23. The Other Side of History
  24. The Journeys into the Past
  25. The Twist from Opposite Ends
  26. The Forgotten Colours of Italy
  27. The Neglected Bright Star
  28. The Time Compass
  29. Eritrea’s Radio Waves Spectrum
  30. The Burning Candle of a Sacrifice
  31. The Heroes Who Never Failed
  32. An African Tortoise Wins Two Hares
  33. Eritrea Behind the Golden Rule
  34. Beyond the Gateway
  35. All Aboard the Iron Horse
  36. The Pictorial History
  37. The Distinctive Art Deco
  38. The Astronomical Panorama
  39. The Walk to Immortality
  40. The Cycle of Life
  41. To Weep or Not To Weep
  42. If History Could Talk
  43. The Graceful Willpower
  44. The Ouroboros Greatest Effect